AIA Member Selected by ARCOM to sit on MASTERSPEC Architectural Review Committee

October 27, 2007

During the fall meeting of the MASTERSPEC Architectural Review Committee, Ronald L. Geren, AIA, CSI, CCS, CCCA, SCIP, was selected to fill one of six positions on the committee.  Ron’s nomination, along with two other new members, was approved by the AIA in January 2008.  Architectural Computer Services, Inc. (ARCOM) is the publisher and distributor of MASTERSPEC, a master guide specification having over 12,000 licensed users throughout the country and internationally.  MASTERSPEC is a product of the American Institute of Architects.

The position is a one-year assignment, involving quarterly trips to ARCOM’s offices in Alexandria, Virginia.  The assignment can be renewed annually for up to three years. Committee members do not write the specifications for ARCOM, which has its own staff of qualified specification writers, but members review and provide technical advice on existing specification sections that are due for revision or new sections that are being added to the MASTERSPEC libraries.

ARCOM’s Vice President of Architectural Specifications, Paul Brosnahan, AIA, CSI, CCS, states that Ron Geren’s location in the desert southwest provides a perspective from an area of the country that has been under-represented on the committee in the past.  He adds that Ron’s knowledge of building codes provides a technical expertise that is not typical for this committee.

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