Government Affairs:  Educate and influence public officials about issues affecting the architectural profession
Chair:  John Glenn, AIA

Design Awards:  Promote good design.
Chair:  Rob Miller, AIA

Member Communication Improve and expand communications.
Chair:  Dawn Brown, AIA

Membership Development Increase membership, involvement and diversity.
Chair:  Warren Rutledge, AIA or Alexis Carver, AIA

State Conference:  Create an opportunity for continuing education and networking for the architectural community.
Chair:  Robin Shambach, AIA

Archives Committee:  Promote the historic preservation of Arizona historic buildings’ and architects’ design documents, working with the Arizona Historical Society to become a repository of these archives.
Chair:  Ron Peters, AIA

If you would like to participate in any of these committees or you’re just interested in finding out more about them, please call (602) 252-4200.


Allied – Margie Luster

AIA10 – Mike Anglin, AIA

Associates – Amber Haro, Assoc. AIA

Fellows – Arlen Solochek, FAIA

Women Principals Group – Diane Jacobs, AIA

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